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Reflections After Italy

I barely wrote anything for the month of August except a few notes and postcards. It sounds like a huge transgression not to journal everyday when you’re in one of the most popular countries in Europe. But I was busy dancing, partying, drinking wine, eating gelato and cherishing moments for the most part of the month. Nothing bad about that!



Kababayang Pilipino Cultural Performing Arts Group NEWBIES!

Around a year ago, I made a decision to join a dance workshop. Amazing things happen when you get off your lazy ass to do something. Yes, things like finding yourself on a performance tour in Italy. I danced everyday at the Latium World Folkloric Festival. Our schedule was hectic. Mornings were spent on preparations, make-up, parades followed by afternoon rehearsals then application of make-up again, after which, we get shuttled to other towns for another parade and performance. We performed in Rome, Fondi, Bassiano, Paliano, Velletri, Capri and Cori.


Tourists everywhere in Rome

It was during this tour that I saw the Happy = High Energy Theory at work! We would sleep for 2-3 hours a day but we had enough energy to Morning da Nayt (that means to party) after an evening show! I tried catching my z’s on the bus most of the time. This  is probably normal to touring professional performers but it’s definitely new and wonderfully insane for a girl who once had two left feet!


Isle of Capri

After the festival, three fellow newbies and I went on to Firenze, Bologna e Venezia! Our bodies had had enough of the craziness. We collapsed on the couch/bed and slept for the entire afternoon on our first day in Firenze.


A lovely corner in our 800 year old apartment in Florence (Firenze)


I was finally able to pen down some thoughts on our flight home and here are some of them:It is alright to be an introvert. I’m supposed to know this already but try being in a tour with 25 other people!

Get at least a few minutes of alone time before “diving into” the day and enjoy pockets of silence

Balance the alone time with enjoying the company of others and learning from them —FUN!

Don’t be lazy with photos. Debatable but when you’re with a bunch of Filipinos and dancers, you’ll be glad that you made an effort to pose well.

Focus and calm yourself before the show.

Learning the language before going on a trip helps BIG time. Yaay! It really made the experience better for me that I was able to understand many words and knew how to ask for things. Asking for dentifricio at a farmacia in straight Italian … no problemo!

Get lost and enjoy it.

Do what you’re too chicken to do if you were at home. For me, it’s to bike in the city. I swear you will feel glorious!


And that’s it for now. There’s more stuff but they are for me to mull over. Ciao!


Simple and tasty meal in Bologna




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