Keeping Up With My 2019 Theme


In the beginning of 2019, I shared that my theme for the year was to be kinder to myself. I said that I wanted new thoughts. Better and more helpful ones. I am still on that path or trying to be but I didn’t  share the how of it. How exactly would I be kinder to myself? How do I think new thoughts?

For something to work and happen, I often find that having a clear action item is key.

This is true for work –Draft first page of job aid.

It’s true for daily life –Call doctor’s office to schedule an appointment.

True even for things you want to do but never happens –Enroll in Calligraphy workshop for next month.


I avoid calling my “New Thoughts for 2019” a goal. Maybe calling it a goal gets me worried about not achieving it. But it doesn’t matter what I call it. What matters is what I can do. What can I do now? Here are some things I identified:

Jot down any “bad” emotion or feeling. Figure out the thought behind it. Write an alternative helpful thought beside it. (This method is really from one of the resources that Kara Loewentheil, a life coach, shared from her podcast Unf*ck Your Brain. Check it out. Don’t be discouraged by the title.)

Learn more tools about how to improve my mental and emotional well-being .(includes: dealing with anxiety and self-esteem issues; or merely improving an already good situation)

Make time for the things I love doing. Literally scheduling it like putting it on my calendar or on my phone’s To-do list.

I’m keeping it three items for now. I have done the first one a few times especially when I started noticing hints of anxiety or restlessness. I have yet to do more of #2 while with #3 I’ve been going pretty strong (enrolled in Calligraphy workshop, doodle / paint / cook in the evenings).

There’s this line from a song, Munich: People are fragile things, you should know by now. Be careful what you put them through.

I see that as a message not just for how you treat others but with the way you treat yourself too. What do you think? How are you treating yourself lately?


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