Living Vicariously: Japan Travel Photos

I wanted to post something this week but had no ideas. I realized though that I’m planning my vacations for this year already but I haven’t shared anything about my trip last year.

So here are some photos of my trip with the hubs last 2018. As my co-worker says, you cannot not love Japan. Yas! I have to use the double negative.

It was our first time there so we only covered the most accessible (or touristy) cities – Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka for an “overview”. It’s just one of those countries that you have to come back to and get to know even more.

Since we have a gazillion photos and because these cities are already highly photographed, I won’t categorize chronologically or by type. Wala lang. Trip ko lang ganito pag share. Here are the pics that are giving me cheer right now:

This cute corner of our room in Tokyo


The hubs right before he saw the “big white chicken” (actually the Palace Swan)


This beautiful part of Yoyogi Park


I’ve been photographing “light fixtures” since that one field trip in college. Here’s one from Meiji Jingu.


Of course we had to visit Rizal and Hachiko.

Our hood Yanesen at night. Talagang “our” noh?


This lily being its gorgeous self near the playground


Perfect sandwiches from Kayaba, one of the neighborhood cafes. Later, I find out that the cafe has been around since the late 1930’s. Look at that Onion Soup. It doesn’t look like much but it’s the best Onion Soup evah!



This area near the very highly photographed Bamboo Forest that is just as magical if not more.

Also, we biked here for… like 2 hours. The hubs was very proud of me because even though I learned to bike when I was young, I never mastered it and never cycled on public roads and highways. One of my greatest achievements ko na yata to. Haha. So this place is special.


Nishiki Market. I love markets. We ate Takoyaki then we ate at Wendy’s. Yeees, I know nag American fastfood kami but it was same same but different. I had their spaghetti with nori and tobiko (fish eggs). Yummy!


I ensured we both got ekibens before getting on the train from Tokyo to Kyoto kasi naalala ko talaga yung boses ni Peter Barakan sa documentary niya tungkol dito.


Our stack of plates when we tried Conveyor Belt sushi. Good thing the place we planned to go was full so we ended up in this smaller one and the sushi was sooo good. There were locals too so feeling happy kami kasi baka special place siya but I mean, we were in Tokyo so sushi was prolly good anywhere.


I loved all our ramen experiences. We went to atleast four and all were good. I liked Ippudo the best though I know it’s a chain but yummy talaga.


That is all for now! I may not be traveling this long weekend so vicarious living nalang by looking back at travel memories. At least inggit ako sa sarili/past self ko and not magazines and celebrities. Haha. But really I love reading and researching places through blogs. I hope you are having a great long weekend off whether you’re at home or traveling!


8 thoughts on “Living Vicariously: Japan Travel Photos

    • True I like looking at non-touristy pics din. Haha. Ok lang Im sure you have great travel memories din sa iba. Tapos kasama na Japan sa to-go list mo. Lol. Im sure you’ll enjoy it.

    • I love doing the things that I would ordinarily do like taking the transit, buying groceries, hanging out at a cafe. It’s extra special when it’s in a totally different city and country. 🙂

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