Hello and Some Flowers

I don’t have much today in the way of a written post. I wasn’t that busy. I’ve been busier before but my mind was all over the place, meaning me=mess for the past days. Haha.

The good thing though is that I managed to insert some nature time. I miss the beaches and blue skies of the Philippines! Lent is actually my favourite holiday because it’s not frenzied like Christmas but it’s still full of time spent with family and food. People go to the beach to celebrate Easter too. Now that is over and May is here! I can’t believe spring is also almost done. Anyway, there’s nothing else to do but appreciate what I have and where I am now.

There’s plenty of hiking trails accessible by transit from Vancouver. The BC province is called Beautiful British Columbia for a reason – awesome mountains, lakes and if you’re by the coast, the ocean!

Here’s photos of flowers and some pics from our little hike last weekend. I hope we all get many chances to be out in nature!











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