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the type of shade I welcome- from trees!

I rewatched Sex and The City the movie and stopped midway with a suprising revelation. Whereas my younger self would have enjoyed seeing cute outfits and admired the lifestyle of Carrie and her friends, I was suprised that seeing it again had me constantly eye rolling instead!

I rolled my eyes at their glamourizing of designer labels, working at Vogue, dissing Brooklyn, dating a New York financier who can afford an Upper East Side penthouse but who’s been married 3 times.

For a lover of glossy magazines and lifestyle channels- that is huge. A huge leap for me that I didn’t even realize I made until I replayed this well-loved series/movie.

It’s like my reaction after watching enough HIMYM episodes. I don’t care for the series but have “passenger watched” through the hubby. At one point I concluded that all the characters in HIMYM are assholes I never want to root for except Marshall.

I also watched a new Netflix release. Always Be My Maybe was hilarious. Very Asian and American at the same time. The lines, the rap, snarky comments and portrayals of millennials, rich celebrities, Newtown Bakery and YVR on tv – loved all that. Hopefully my sister and I get to make a video review of it, but then again so many things to do!


little big things

We’ve been going to Zumba at least once a week lately. Sure it helps with fitness but I think we’re in there for the fun. We dance and move without thinking of what we’re doing or caring how we looked like. Imagine you’re in this gym along with people of different ages and levels and there’s music blaring, then there’s none of that competitive judgy downtown yoga feeling from others. Lol. One time there was this older man with dyed black hair who knew words to the song and kept shouting them through the music along with “Alright!” “Let’s go!”. Hahaha. It’s fun!

Late spring and summer are slow blogging months for me just basing off of last year and the past month. It seems that I also have blogging seasons: fall and winter I get into the writing groove while warmer months are all about activities, trips and wanting to do stuff outdoors. Although, I seem to have less control over my social media usage these days. I’m on IG more with garden and flower pics of course.

Anyway I love this season. There’s extra effort to put on SPF but it can be so carefree and beautiful with all the flowers and the sun. Plus the fact that I don’t have to layer on clothes. It’s also when I feel that I can be more spontaneous.


currently hubby’s fave flowers – mock orange?

And yesterday’s spontaneous activity was eating out. Hubs and I went to Joyce. We wanted to go to Bao Bakery for some lumpia and halo-halo. Joyce is a diverse neighborhood with lots of Filipinos living there. Bao Bakery sells mostly siopao and though they don’t say they’re FIlipino-Chinese perhaps to welcome customers of other ethnicities and appeal to a wider (maybe younger) crowd, their menu definitely gives it away.

When we got there, Bao was closed. But no biggie, there was Kumare a few steps away. Definitely and obviously a Pinoy carinderia. And boy was I glad we went there. I realized I haven’t eaten good Pinoy food in a while. There’s a Pinoy place near our neighborhood but their dishes aren’t that good.


these trees are everywhere abloom in YVR and Lower Mainland

At Kumare, we had pork bbq, dinakdakan, monggo, tokwa’t baboy and then halo-halo afterwards. Oh and take-out of lumpiang shanghai. We might have spent around $50 in total but that was for both of us and included different dishes, halo-halo, take out and I even have left overs for lunch today. Haha. Eating out is a joy but I normally won’t eat at fancy restaurants or pricey franchised ones (Earl’s, Joey’s, Cactus Club types). I don’t want to find myself unsatisfied over a $20-ish dish which I’ll probably be able to cook at home (i.e. steak or pasta). I have an Asian palate and I’m big on value for money.

So that’s that.


3 thoughts on “Eat, Dance, Watch TV, Learn About Self

  1. Yinny!!! πŸ™‚

    I love summer too! Kaya lang going outdoors usually means spending money e, ‘no? Or at least most of the time haha. Sayang wala akong friends dito sa new city ko so wala akong potential Zumba buddy. Gusto ko rin ma-try magsasayaw e. πŸ˜€

    Ang dami namang Filipino resto d’yan sa Vancouver! Share ko lang na nag-Earl’s at nag-Cactus Club ako recently. Libre lang sa team lunches sa work, haha. Super agree na overpriced talaga sa kanila! Hindi sulit, hmp. 😦

    Anyway, have a fun summer Yinnigurl! Hintayin ko posts mo kapag lumamig na ulit ang panahon. πŸ™‚

    • Thank you Jolens! Haha oo nga sa mga office lunches lang ako nakakakain sa mga ganyan. Omg try mo na magsayaw heehee. Minsan sa mga community centres or like sa Zumba na mejo older crowd mas relax siya. Enjoy summer Jolens! πŸ™‚

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