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New York City and Daydreams

Hello. It’s been a while. I did say summers were slow blogging times for me but I wanted to drop by.


En Plein Air – Art installation at The High Line. This one is by Lubaina Himid.

I went on vacation a many weeks ago and the combination of being somewhere new and meeting an old friend refreshed me. My highschool classmate T met hubby and me at her favourite Italian restaurant. We ordered grilled octopus and tagliatelli. Then we moved on to this little pastry shop right across it for dessert. They were famous for cronuts so a line of people snaked through the street for their pre-orders. We went past them because we wanted the not-so-famous pastries. T and I chatted away about past memories, Philippine beaches, vacations and other things on the cafe’s pretty patio. 

She gushed about Renaissance art, the Met and her recent vacation to Florence. I didn’t know she was into these things since we weren’t in the same barkada in highschool but her energy was contagious. I think I absorbed her excitement and so neither of us remembered to take a photo with each other. Darn I should remember these things.

I didn’t develop an interest in Renaissance art but a reawakening of curiosity about things I used to daydream about -beautiful spaces, archives, anything vintage. I’ve always carried these nagging guilt-ridden thoughts that such interests are frivolous. It’s time to get over this.

I stopped daydreaming so much when I moved. I was never diagnosed with depression or anything but I can see a big difference in my earlier years of migrating compared to these past two years. Like a weight has been lifted and I can get interested in things again without being overly critical of whether I will follow through, whether I have what it takes, whether I have potential or whether these things are worth pursuing. I’m like ah who cares I’m gonna try it. Maybe it comes with the years too.

Anyway I don’t have much else to say but I have some photos to show of New York City. That place felt a lot like Manila for my husband and me. Hmm.


The High Line | A public garden and space on what used to be an NYC railroad. This might be popular with both locals and tourists because it’s simply beautiful. It’s a great idea that came to life. Who doesn’t love gardens in the middle of a bustling city?


View of the Manhattan Bridge from Cadman Plaza Park Brooklyn, NYC


Bless the NYC subway that runs for 24 hours!


Entrance to the Bronx Zoo


The Great Hall, Metropolitan Museum


A Bagobo bag displayed in the American Museum of Natural History


The NY Public Library.


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