Fall Comeback (kind of)

Oh no! November is almost ending and I have not had any blog posts up. I haven’t sat down to write or think of anything except that I intend to bring back my Monthly Challenge. It’s a good way to keep me posting at least one entry every month. Thank you Jolens for encouraging me and reminding me I have blog! Haha. I still look at my reading list and I have fun reading your blogs guys!

I am excited with the monthly challenge even if it’s a repeat thing because I have so many things I want to do but not enough motivation (or discipline).


I haven’t set anything final for the specific challenges but here are some things I would like to get going at some point (in no particular order):

Bring baon 3x a week – Yes andito na naman po tayo sa baon and meal planning. It’s a constant struggle and challenge.

Skincare + Makeup – I kind of already have my usual 2-step routine. Cleanse and moisturize. That’s it. I’m happy with that but I really need to get myself that moisturizer with SPF for the mornings. In terms of makeup, my minimum requirement is lipstick which is already a habit of mine but in an effort to be less yagit, I want to use a BB cream/tinted moisturizer with SPF then add a bit of blush. I wanna have that “coverage” and a slightly made up look so I don’t look like a kid at work and who knows what career opportunities will come. Haha. Honestly, looks matter. I mean this in terms of other people’s perception of you and your intelligence. I have no energy to try out an outgoing, extroverted, has-opinions-on-everything personality at work that usually also works so looks na muna. I didn’t realize ang dami ko palang beef about this. Makeup is therapy?

Study Tuesdays and Thursdays – Speaking of career, I’m taking another class. I’m narrowing down on two possible career paths but still don’t have a clear idea and can’t make firm decisions on what I will pursue (story of my life!) but I know I should proactively learn something to keep my skills “current”. It’s so hard to study now though. I just want to lounge when I get home from work.

Exercise – 10 mins a day. We all know the benefits of exercise and we all know it’s hard for most people. Like me. Hehe.

Wake up at 6:30 3x a week – That’s not even that early! I still struggle with this even though I know it is worth it to have a few extra minutes. I have to say though that I’m calmer these past years because I try not to rush out of the house, I use only one purse that carries everything I need for work, have staple outfits/work uniforms and take that crucial moment to have my morning drink.

Record a podcast every Wednesday – more on this later. I have this and I told you about it already but I also have another one. Pero bakit ang hirap panindigan? I still occasionally cringe hearing my voice. Hehehe.

And that’s all folks.

From the distracted, inconsistent blogger. Me.


2 thoughts on “Fall Comeback (kind of)

  1. Relate ako sa meal-planning struggles, at sa mga panahon na nakapag-baon ako, pagdating ko sa office minsan iba yung feel kong kainin. šŸ˜­

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