My blagir pose directed and photographed by Astrid of astridserena.com

Mabuhay! Maayong pag-abot sa Kaharuhay blog.

This blog is a virtual compilation of personal notes on places, tastes, people, culture and living in general. Kaharuhay is a Cebuano word meaning ease or comfort. It is usually used to define a person who is economically well off.

This blog explores the expanded meaning of Kaharuhay. It seeks to find the extra in the ordinary. One can be at ease relaxing under a tree, eating delicious warm champorado drizzled with condensada on a rainy afternoon or watching a Kdrama on the weekends.

I hope something here lightens up your day. Daghang salamat!

Note: Many images are from stock photos (mostly from Canva, Pexels and Death to the Stock Photo). Other photographs are credited to their sources and some are mine.