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Philippine Cookery: From Heart to Platter

To me, Philippine Cookery From Heart to Platter is a cross between a humble coffee table book and an elevated cookbook. The book begins with telling us chef and author Tatung Sarthou’s personal experience and views on food. There is a page that outlines his 5 laws of cooking. Despite the typical nature of rules, these five laws felt more encouraging rather than prescriptive. The contents and recipes that follow are organized not by ingredients but by cooking method. Historical and cultural notes are found in between recipes and instructions.


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Update on My Packed Lunch Challenge

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This challenge made me cook more than I usually do. For the past two weeks, I cooked tapa, squash and shrimps in gata, green onion pancake and garbanzo soup. My lunches have become healthier.

Although I cook more, I’m not really crazy about sticking to the challenge especially that it only makes sense on weekdays. The main goal for packing lunch is really to save money and lessen my calories.

I also found a way to make it easier for me. I bought a pack of pre-washed arugula and a box of cherry tomatoes then kept them in our office fridge so I can have greens daily with my packed lunch. One time I didn’t prepare but we had salted eggs at home so I just brought that and ate it with the greens and tomatoes for lunch.

Here are photos of some of my packed lunches. I’ve been using this old mousepad as my placemat ever since I started working at this place. Hehe.



Lunch Spots Near Waterfront and Granville Stations

Here’s a second installment to my Lunch Spots near Skytrain stations. As a user of public transit, I just automatically notice many areas based on their proximity to a train station. These places are in Vancouver downtown and are walking distance from Waterfront and Granville Stations.

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Ulam. (In Filipino ulam means viand. But it’s also used when you see a guy with abs, muscles or something physically attractive. Girls use that term in that way more…like saying ‘yummy’. ^_^

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Indulge in Schadenfreude with this Wine Documentary


After having white wine at a friend’s despedida, I realized that every time I drink it, I sneeze. That time I only drank half a glass and still the sniffles. I googled “red wine for someone who drinks white wine”. Yes I admit to this. This wine search led me to an intriguing documentary, Sour Grapes. The blurb from Netflix:

A so-called “wine savant” sold high-end collectors a luxurious lie – and they totally bought it.

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Lunch Spots Near Burrard Station

lunch daebak

Need new ideas on where to eat lunch in Downtown Vancouver? If you don’t believe in paying $20 for a meal, these places have lunch menus that range from $9 to $15. These are definitely not fancy restaurants. There’s a few food courts and mom-and-pop eateries but they’re good value for money.

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20150305_204527 (2)

I wrote this with the intention of submitting it to the Doreen Fernandez Food Writing Contest. However, I was unable to finish and ended up editing and submitting it to World Nomad’s Passport and Plate Contest instead. It’s still up on their website along with other entries from all kinds of food lovers around the world. I am re-posting it here:

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