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New York City and Daydreams

Hello. It’s been a while. I did say summers were slow blogging times for me but I wanted to drop by.


En Plein Air – Art installation at The High Line. This one is by Lubaina Himid.

I went on vacation a many weeks ago and the combination of being somewhere new and meeting an old friend refreshed me. My highschool classmate T met hubby and me at her favourite Italian restaurant. We ordered grilled octopus and tagliatelli. Then we moved on to this little pastry shop right across it for dessert. They were famous for cronuts so a line of people snaked through the street for their pre-orders. We went past them because we wanted the not-so-famous pastries. T and I chatted away about past memories, Philippine beaches, vacations and other things on the cafe’s pretty patio. 

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(Kind Of) Freewriting My First Quarter of 2019

On A Roll

I think this quarter has been my most prolific time for blog writing. I published 9 entries in the span of three months. That’s still not the 1x/week stat I’m aiming for but it still is way more than what I’ve done in the past. More than blogs I’d write for even a whole year so I’m still pretty proud of myself.

What made me write more these days?


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Mabuhay 2018!

Happy New Year!

Here I am popping out into the blogosphere after a break from posting. It’s refreshing and weird at the same time. Anyway, before I chatter about my challenge of ze month, I’d like to share some snapshots of  Vancouver. It’s not my hood but let’s just say I spend a lot of time in the city.


A street comedian at Granville Island once joked that people in Vancouver were at least any one of three things: poor, single or depressed. He said he was two of those things and at that point I thought the same for myself.

It’s kind of sad when you think about it. This is why we need artists, to tell us the truth in such simple and effective ways. In any case, the city remains as beautiful and scenic as ever. These photos were taken on a dreary day and everything still looks good especially the mountains. So for 2018, I wish for Vancouverites to appreciate beauty even when the clouds roll in and to be these three things: hopeful, sincere and joyful.


Now for my January challenge…it’s a little. Ehr..uhm..well. I want to do my make-up everyday. I was a bit iffy with this challenge but  I have good reasons for it. First, it makes me look better and therefore makes me feel better. Two, I really need to learn it because it’s a skill. I mean at my age, I could really have a kid right now but alas, I have no discipline nor skill to do even my own make-up? How can I raise a bebe?! Three, I am forced to get up minutes earlier so I can do this challenge!

I’ve always believed that lip color = I got my life together. Whether I do have my shiz together or not for real is irrelevant. Hehe.  But I won’t give myself a check mark if I simply put on lipstick. The rule is to at least do/have 3 out of the following:

  1. brow powder
  2. curl lashes
  3. mascara
  4. tinted moisturizer or foundation
  5. blush
  6. lipstick
  7. eye shadow

So far so good and I usually do 1, 2, 4, 5 and 6. I keep off the mascara most days because I hate washing it off and silly me I also bought the non-waterproof one which means it smudges all the time. I also have the habit of rubbing my eyes.

I don’t know if that was in the least bit interesting but let’s all be unapologetically ourselves in 2018.

Mabuhay 2018! —- pun intended. let’s respect lives in this new year. ^_^


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December Challenge = STRUGGLE

But not really.

Hi! I definitely haven’t given up nor forgotten about my monthly challenges! I got quite sick during my vacation leave, after we got back from Tofino. It’s a small surf town in Vancouver Island. Then even after recovering I just did not have the energy to do many things.

Anyway, for December, I decided to try to wake up early but realized that a better approach is to get myself to bed early! I think only if I can discipline myself to do that will I then be able to tackle becoming an early riser.

The reason why I chose this challenge is because I know I am a morning person. Or I’m supposed to be. You know how they always say that there are night owls and early birds? Well I know I just have more energy in the morning if I wake up early enough. Afternoons and evenings are for lounging and doing leisurely things. I think this habit of rising before the sun shines will be a QUANTUM LEAP if I ever pin it down. Here’s why, if I wake up atleast an hour earlier, I will then have the time for other habits that I want to have like doing morning stretches or runs, having a good breakfast and doing something productive way before my work and “life” gets in the way.

Unfortunately, I find this the hardest. I have this habit tracker and Dec 1 to 6 are all X’s meaning I slept late. Then 7-9 are checks which mean I did get my ass on the bed by 10:30 but those don’t mean I slept right away except that Thursday where I jumped on the bed at like 8 and slept through the morning like a baby. The past 3 nights were just fails. The only good thing is I noticed that I’m more aware and I’m actually in bed by 11 something instead of 1!

Also thoughts in my head right now are: omg this is boring. Why am I telling strangers about my sleeping habits? Haha. Wala lang. Narcissism? Lack of things to do? I should be as busy, productive and successful as my peers at this age but for some reason I have lost much concern and drive. I still get that nudge once in a while. Girl what are you doing with your life? But it isn’t as bad as before. Like early to mid-twenties bad. Now I’m, meh. Sometimes I just want to channel the careless ajummah- so full of moxie, so little care.


Gossip Girl….Ajummah


inspo haul

The Inspiration Haul

Hello. In spirit of keeping clutter minimal and savings intact, here is a look at my current Inspo Haul.

inspo haul

Honestly, I do enjoy watching vloggers’ shopping and makeup hauls. It’s a weird thing, to see Americans’ (almost pathological) relationship with shopping really but at the same time vicariously feel the high of their retail therapy. Even here in Canada, “how’s your Christmas shopping?” is a common question when the cold months start rolling in. This weirded me out in my first few years and I never knew what to say.

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Lost Memories and the Advantages of Journal Writing


My first journal was this tiny hardbound book with a gold lock. It had lined pages and alternated green, blue and pink shades. It was scented. My cousin who was then in highschool gifted it to me on my 9th birthday. I wrote “Dear Diary” and chronicled the stories of my 3rd grade self. I have no idea where that thing is now. I am thankful though to my cousin who introduced  me to this amazing thing –the diary. Of course then, I did not think much of how great it was. I just naturally took to it like any introverted kid would. I enjoyed it and the events of my elementary school years seemed just too important not to write them all down. Ah, this is likely one reason why we get reminded to see life through the eyes of a child.

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